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Equitas services have been developed specifically to provide hands-on expertise and assistance in the areas of ownership transitions, leadership transitions, family and business communications and dispute resolution.

Rather than viewing any one individual as our client, Equitas views the business and family units as the client. We do this in order to maintain our objectivity and credibility with the key stakeholders which in turn allows us to help preserve the business and family relationships.

Equitas is comprised of a highly-skilled group of practitioners who bring their expertise to bear during times of transition. Our practitioners’ skills are complimentary and have been carefully chosen with the needs of businesses and families in mind. In addition to the depth of experience in each of their respective disciplines, the members of the Equitas team have undergone extensive training in the field of family business theory.

Equitas was formed on the core belief that family-controlled businesses and families of wealth need a comprehensive approach to planning and problem solving. They require professionals to come alongside them, understand their business goals and provide the appropriate and immediate attention required to make those goals a reality. The concurrent family and business issues, which arise in all family controlled enterprises, require professionals with experience, technical expertise and understanding. These are the kind of professionals that Equitas brings to the table.

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