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Succession and Continuity Planning - Equitas Consultants

Our team works discreetly and with respect to achieve a successfully agreed upon succession plan for a business at a cross roads.

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Problems with planning, transitions, management development, motivation, communications, and personality conflicts – these are all typical business experiences which are only magnified when businesses have family members working closely together. The focus on nurturing the family well-being, versus the focus of making money, illustrate the friction between family values and business objectives which we work with our clients to overcome.

Our unique professional experience ensures our clients have a partner who will work with them discreetly to develop a comprehensive, respectful, harmonious plan that identifies clear leadership continuity, while navigating the transitions of management and ownership.

Change is hard on you and your family.  We are here to help you make that transition easier and without costly conflict.

Succession planning is the ongoing careful planning and preparation to successfully transition ownership, leadership, and management of a business and the family’s assets to the next generation or otherwise.

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