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Ronald Prehogan

Ron is the President and founder of Equitas Consultants Inc.  He started Equitas – the Latin word for justice or fairness – because as a lawyer and family man he was disheartened by the number of family businesses he was seeing being negatively impacted by family strife.

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Raymond E. Drost

Ray is a senior advisor with Equitas Consultants Inc.  He brings over 34 years of deep industry knowledge in real estate valuation, corporate finance, and advisory services working with clients across North America.

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Tribute to the late Dr. Reuven P. Bulka

Dr. Bulka was a psychologist and helped our clients identify and bring clarity to underlying family issues that may be distracting from addressing important family business issues. He counselled families and family businesses for over 35 years and was widely admired for his deeply human, down to earth and compassionate style.

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